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Real Estate CRM and ERP software for you

Simplicity is key. There are a lot of complicated softwares in the market being a pain for the users. Our Product is Simple yet very useful for customers.

Managing Leads Was Never So Easy

Our full fledge ERP module ensures proper management of lead, Stock Management, Purchase Management, Sales, Document Management, HR Management, Finance management, customer, opportunities and altogether better support to your customer and further growth in your business.

Grow With Us! We take a different Approach

We select the best methodology and perfect CRM and ERP software to meet your business needs and requirements.


EASE is an ERP software system for Real estate and Construction companies that facilitates the flow of your businesses information. It pulls all of your Business information together and making it quickly and easily accessible to those who need it. Effective forecasting, planning, and scheduling are fundamentals to productivity, and EASE ERP is a fundamental way to achieve it. It integrates all facets of the business such as CRM, Sales, human resource, Purchase and Inventory, Document management & finance.


Manage your Prospects with Ease

Distribute the Leads to Sales Team

Integrate with your website

Manage Bookings

Integrate with any 3rd Party website

Send Email & SMS to your Customers

Manage Multiple Sales Team

Manage Payment

Send Follow-up Reminders to Sales Team via Email/SMS

Get Reports of Daily Sales activities via Email

Get Monthly Productivity Reports

Broker or agent management


Post-sale interaction helps to build customer relationships. Our Post- sales module provides a documented history of the prospect so that another person can pick up the pieces and continue with the sales process.
An Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) system suite has features that enhance and automate the whole employee life-cycle. The Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) system manages hiring and staffing, training, attendance and time tracking, performance and compensation management.
This Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) system package features financial applications such as cash management, general ledger, budget management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and fixed asset management.
This Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) system package features Electronic document management system (EDMS) which is used to track and store Electronic Documents (Text, Images, Multimedia, Drawing file etc) of an organization.
This is a Feature provided by our Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) Suit which is a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, web-based feature that automates and integrates and thereby simplifies many of the administrative tasks related to procurement.
Project management applications of an Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) software has various tools that work together to facilitate better project planning strategies and more successful achievement of related tasks.


  • After implementing EASE ERP my entire workflow is disciplined. The follow up, collection and booking are all in one application. It makes maintaining my records more easier than before. Good Application.
    Guru Ranjith, General Manager - ASB Developers


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